The sudden, intense bursts of rainfall after which Tequila Tromba is named, soak the red soil up in the Los Altos. Here you’ll find a long history of independence, perseverance and pride. The people of Los Altos — or los Alteños — take their tequila making personally, so we pay close attention to every step. From the choice of blue-green agave, to the team of harvesters who wield the razor-edged Coa, to our careful distilling techniques, we craft a tequila that is sweet, floral and rich in character.


This is the land the Cedanos know by heart. Los Altos, in the state of Jalisco, is the elevated frontier of a new generation of agave spirits. This is where great tequila takes root – between 5200 and 6900 ft. The agave grows here for up to 8 long years before it becomes a tequila that represents the best of the highlands.


It’s the blue-green agave rooted in the deep red soil of the highlands, along with the meticulous care that los Alteños have for the agave, that bring such rich and diverse flavors to every bottle of Tequila Tromba.


To this day, all agave harvests are done by hand. Specialist tradesmen known as jimadores use a specific tool called a coa. To preserve their quality and retain flavor, the piñas — or hearts of the agave — must be cut with exacting precision. The traditional art of the jimador is a vital part of the process when crafting extraordinary tequila.


As a maverick in the world of tequila distillation, Marco Cedano’s engineering background is reflected in his craft, blending tradition and innovation throughout our distillery. Located near the legendary highland tequila producing town of Atotonilco, the distillery pairs the traditional stone ovens that steam cook the agave with the more current molino technique for extracting agave sugars. Marco beautifully balances traditional methods with the modern techniques learned throughout his 35 years in the industry.


Marco and Rodrigo’s drive to create a tequila they would love drinking themselves is in stark contrast to the landscape of contract distilled spirits, where common brands produce quietly and with heads hung low. While they might rely on gimmicks and celebrities to sell their stories, we’re busy crafting a finer tequila. We’re working hard to encourage tequila lovers to consider where their favorite agave spirits originate and prove to them that they’ll get as much out of every bottle of Tequila Tromba as we put in.