Tromba is named after the intense rainstorms that feed the legendary Jalisco highlands where the world’s finest tequila is made. This is the land where master distiller, Marco Cedano, crafts Tequila Tromba for those with an adventurous spirit who wish to take life by storm.


The world’s finest tequila takes root at 5400 feet in the highlands of Mexico. Los Altos is where we chose to shape a new generation of tequila. Here, the blue-green agave reaches up from the deep red earth, nurtured by cooler climates and fed by the pounding tromba of summer.


Tequila Tromba is crafted by a master of master distillers with his son and protégé. Together, Marco and Rodrigo Cedano put their hearts and considerable expertise into honoring and energizing the tequila tradition. It’s their stubborn attention to detail that ensures each bottle is the best they can craft.


The people who make, serve, and drink Tequila Tromba have a lot in common with the spirit they enjoy. This isn’t some celebrity-endorsed product from a faceless multinational. Tromba is a shared passion. It’s about strong personal style and being proudly independent. And that’s how we’ve earned the respect of the world’s most renowned tastemakers.


Tequila Tromba is a taste that transcends occasions. It’s a stellar shooter that can fire up an evening; just as it is a distinguished sipping spirit offering the deep taste of the highland terroir. Tequila Tromba has the backbone to lift lime juice and bitters up to a smoother, more refined place with a versatile elegance to fuel cocktail imagination.


All the way from tequila’s purest Mexican source, Marco and Rodrigo extend their hands to a new age of tastemakers across the globe.


In our quest to share the incredible place and people who craft the world’s finest tequila, Tequila Tromba has attracted a world of media attention.